Debriefing and Testimonies

Women in ministry with
Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID)

October 2014

Ms recently met some of the Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID) team leaders at an unrelated general evangelism training. She spoke with us after the training and God gave her a burden for muslims. Thankfully she acted on that burden and came to the mosque the next Friday. She prayed that morning and God gave her a peaceful spirit which God knew she would need. Instead of pulling into the parking lot of the church next door, she parked in the mosque lot. A man pulled in behind her and wouldn’t let her get her out. She was frightened when after a while he got out of his car. He finally moved when she showed a sweet spirit of Jesus’ love towards this muslim. As we were standing outside the women’s entrance after prayers were letting out, this man pulled out of the lot and stopped his car and stared at Ms for a while. The Holy Spirit prompted her to just ignore him and the spirit of fear that the devil tries to use to discourage especially people who are there for the first time. Ms realized that she has a bumper sticker on her car from her church! In spite of this, Ms was able to observe and pray for the other team members after the two prayer services. She participated in the debriefing afterwards where we exchange information about our conversations and which serves as training for us all. During these debriefings we also pray for the muslims, students, atheists, etc. that God brought before us and enabled us to speak the truth in love.

One team member is from a foreign country and knows all too well about the darkness and big lies of the muslim religion. She is sad to know there are mosques in America. Ns is happy that we have the freedom to speak on the sidewalks in America and that American Christians are willing to love and reach out to muslims. They don’t have assurance of salvation, even though they try to fight for it. A man asked her where she from because of her accent. In conversation, she explained about coming to believe in Christ because of a dream. He said she didn’t see Jesus, it was the devil. He was a muslim with a beard and was in white clothes and he said that he cannot worship a God who goes to the bathroom! This is one of many arguments that we are faced with from muslims. Ns was able to speak to him further and show the love of Jesus. We are careful to share scriptures with the muslims. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in using scriptures as God promises that His word will not return void.

Men in ministry

Often we speak to other people who are walking by in-between time when prayer services let out. One of the team members talked to Lr who is from Jerusalem. He said that he tried everything- all religions. We know that only Jesus will save us from our sin problem. After he listened to the full gospel being presented, he expressed interest in receiving Jesus Christ as his savior. Mr questioning him about being sure that he believed in his heart, not just head knowledge, and understanding that commitment to Jesus is a change in direction of his life, this man prayed to accept Jesus as his Savior. This man came out of prison 2 weeks ago and agreed that this is his turning point in his life. Mr gave him a Bible and encouraged him to visit a church nearby and grow in his Christian walk with the Lord’s help. They exchanged contact information for further follow up.

Ds talked to Gr and has spoken to him many times before. He was drunk-he had a very bad life. After further conversation, Jr took Gr to a homeless shelter. When Dr had been witnessing to muslims at a mosque at another location, Gr defended the team from some muslim men who were harassing them. He told the muslim men to leave the Christians alone because they are good men. Strangely, there was also another drunken man outside the mosque this day. Jr asked him if he needed help and said that he looked like he was in distress. Ds discerned that there was a spiritual aspect to it and cast out demons. This man was very dehydrated and the Jr asked a muslim to go into the mosque to get water. Then Jr took the man to the place where he thought he had lost his back pack. It is important to show Jesus’ love with words, but also with actions.

Rr & Dr were in the shadow of the minaret and a muslim said they are wasting their time. Another comment made to them is that Christians and Jews are the offspring of swine. All the while the team members show the love of Jesus and will not allow these negative comments deter them, with the Lord’s help. While standing in that spot in the shade, Dr noticed that on the mosque, in Arabic, are the words “The God of the Resurrection”. Please pray that the muslims will listen to the truth of the resurrection and that the team will rely entirely on the Holy Spirit.

Ireland Report

Grace and Peace brother. I hope this email finds you with a greater revelation of God’s love revealed through Christ Jesus working in and through us.

I am not great at writing down events after they have taken place …but If it is encouraging to others then I will try to do better. My report with Ireland begins with what God put on my heart in December of 2013. My wife Audrey (who is from Dublin Ireland) and I have been married now 27 years. Audrey’s family is catholic and although close there is a clear disconnection felt between us because of our faith. Audrey has always been bold in her faith and in Jesus our Lord and Savior. It has been awhile since I have been back in Ireland (about 10 years) primarily because its difficult to get away when you have a family business. Well, during Christmas of 2013 God put it on my heart to hand write a letter to my Father in law and also write a separate letter to my mother in law. Both letters included sharing the Gospel and other specific things that God put on my heart for each one of them. I love them very much and with much prayer Audrey and lift them up daily to our Lord. After the letters were sent…I didn’t think much about them…but I know the letters had an impact on them.

The following year my in-laws would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and Audrey’s family (which is very large) would be throwing a surprise party in hopes of giving them a wedding they never had. Audrey’s sisters were speaking to Audrey all the time in hopes that Audrey and I could make the trip. But we didn’t see how that could ever happen because of the restraints of the business and finances. As the time drew closer…God began to move in my heart. I began to believe that God was going to allow me to see my in-laws face to face… I knew God could do this…but didn’t know how it would happen. As time went on …I was thinking maybe there is more than following up face to face with the letter I sent at Christmas….maybe there was another ministry opportunity? Perhaps there was an opportunity to outreach to muslims in Ireland and share and train other brothers and sisters to outreach in Ireland? I began to be more excited. I felt God confirming this in my spirit immediately. There were specifically two scriptures God put on my heart that I would share in reaching out to Pastors in Ireland. Hebrews 5:13,14 “For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” The other Scripture was Amos 3:3 “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” It seemed clear to me that God wants us to continue to grow in him by agreeing with every Word of God as we walk with Him…which includes doing the Word and not being hearers only, deceiving ourselves. If we only attend Church, Bible studies and other events within the Church and don’t do what Jesus sent us out to do…we will become malnourished Christians…who need the solid food we get from God by Exercising the Word.

I began calling Churches in Dublin Ireland and Cork Ireland to see what the Lord would do. At the same time, a dear friend who lives in Albuquerque, NM. who was looking for work there …and asked for prayer for a specific job she was interviewing for …unfortunately she didn’t get the position but when she heard of the events coming up and what the Lord was doing …she asked if she could come and help out with the business and also watch our house while we were in Ireland for 2 weeks. Praise God! O.K….now I am really getting excited. God also began opening up the hearts of Pastors for training and outreach to Muslims in Ireland.

I began speaking with Pastor Shawn with Calvary Chapel Dublin who…just so happens to live in the most densely populated area in Dublin. CC Dublin meets in a community center which also has Muslim school classes there. Pastor Shawn and I communicated via skype, during that communication I learned that although he was open to meeting and hearing what was on my heart and very open to reaching out to our Muslim friends he would not be available to go out with me on the Friday to outreach to Muslims. I also learned that it was clear that God was doing something in CC Dublin. Shawn told me that there was two other outreach programs going to be happening about the same time. One was the Potters Field ministry, and the other was a Children’s Camp out reach. It was clear God was granting an opportunity for growth at CC Dublin. I was excited to meet Pastor Shawn and the church at Dublin. Shawn asked if I could meet him on the first Saturday after arriving in Dublin. I agreed and met him in the parking lot of the community center there in Mulhaudart Community Center parking lot. Mulhaudart us a small town with in Dublin city limits. I was told by my inlaws the town was a very rough part of Dublin. No worries…the safest place to be on earth is in Gods will.

I met Shawn in the community parking lot on Saturday, he was organizing an outreach with some of his congregation to the local community. It was exciting to see faith in action powered by the love of Christ in us. After the teams were sent out, Shawn and I went inside to talk and to hear what God put on my heart. At the time Shawn also informed me that he suffered from an ear problems in his right ear and a recent ruptured ear drum in his left ear. (So please keep him in your prayers) After sharing what was on my heart Pastor asked if I would be willing to do the service the following day and share what was on my heart. i didn’t prepare anything… but I felt the Lord put me in this place at this time. I arrived the next day with my wife a little early…and met the individuals at that church. My wife and I were excited to see many believers from all over Africa, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Ireland…and even a couple from Arizona. But what was truly exciting is everyone had the same unity of spirit in Christ Jesus.

I shared about the opportunity to continue to grow in Christ by being obedient to His word, sharing the Gospel and making disciples. And also explaining the opportunity to share the Gospel with Muslims.

Shortly after this Pastor Trevor from Christian Community Outreach was speaking to me…about the opportunity while I was in Ireland. I made it know before hand I was very willing to come to Cork and to share what I had been taught about sharing the Gospel with muslims. But instead he insisted that he come to Dublin (about a 4 hour drive) and to bring other believers in the church there to be with me on Friday as I reached out to muslims at a mosque in Ireland. How Awesome is that! There was no doubt the Lord was doing something.

That Friday I was dropped off at a very large Mosque in Clonskeagh. Actually it was an Islamic cultural center. My inlaws dropped me off very concerned of what I was doing. I knew they wouldn’t understand…but got the opportunity to share more of the Gospel on the way. I was a bit disappointed when I got out of the car because there were gates to the outside of the center. I was thinking that everyone would be parking inside and I would be able to speak to many. We normally don’t speak to anyone going into the Mosque we normally wait to they are coming out. But with the situation I was seeing I decided to speak to anyone I could going in or coming out because I didn’t know I would have the opportunity to speak to many. Anyway, before Pastor Trevor showed up with his wife and 9 month old daughter. I spoke to a couple Muslims who allowed me to share a little..but also warned me of extremist muslims who attended.

When Pastor Trevor showed up ..we spoke a little before incredible numbers of muslims began to show up…soon the gates closed because the parking lots were full. Cars began to park everywhere as muslims were coming from every direction. The only radical muslim yelled at a distance and would get within 20 feet from us. Amazing. We got a chance to speak with a muslim named E who informed us he would later be in the states. He gave me his number and welcomed a call later. After the Mosque Trevor and his family and I sat down for something to eat and share what had happened and our own personal testimonies…and that God was opening a door for ongoing outreach to Muslims and Catholics and others to hear the Gospel.

Please keep our brothers and sisters who are reaching out in prayer for boldness and protection.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


Laying hold of those things in Christ Jesus.

Muslim woman healed

Thank all for their prayers. We have seen many miracles in China on this trip. One is a Hui Muslim woman who is the leader of a large community and she has been healed. She had prayed to Allah and was dying. She prayed to Jesus and was fully healed. Now she believes, reading her Bible daily and sharing with her friends and family. Pray for her and the mbb sis helping her we call them sister Barnabas and Saul. She plans to be baptized soon after I shared with her.

Love you all,