Code of Conduct

  1. Be vigilant: Never think you are strong enough and will not fall into sin. The devil is like a lion that prowls around for a prey (1 Peter 5:8).
  2. Obey your team Leader: CID has chosen the team leaders based upon leadership skills and experience. By being obedient and submitting to your team leader, you will create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself and the rest of the team. The goal is to reach lost souls and have fun while doing it.
  3. Always let your team leader know where you are during outreach: CID takes the safety of you and the other members very seriously. If you need to be excused for a moment for whatever reason, please tell your team leader where you are going. Not telling the leader can cause a panic in them and disrupt the Spirit-led evangelism that we try to achieve during the outreach.
  4. Know the schedule and keep it: Not being on time or prepared can keep your team waiting when every minute matters. Take time to prepare the things you need for the outreach the night before.
  5. Watch after your team: Share cell phone numbers. Try to pair them with someone if they leave for a break. Listen to their suggestions, but make the final decision. Be authoritative, but not bossy. Most of all, pray for one another.
  6. Respect for the authorities: The local government has been appointed by God. Being obedient to the local authorities is showing the humility of Christ (Romans 13:1-5).
  7.  Follow rules of the venue: During outreach at the mall, mosque, or other venues, please follow their rules. If they asked that literature not be given out at their properties, then follow the rules and give out literature outside.
  8. Mosque etiquette: If we go into the mosque, it is recommended that sisters cover their heads and wear modest clothing (eg. arms covered, longer skirt) and brothers wear long pants to show respect.
  9. Respect sleep times of others: Rest is just as important as fellowship. Have compassion for those who need more rest than others. In many cases, the sleeping arrangements are very close quartered during mission trips. Sharing of bathrooms, showers etc. should be respected by each Saint. If a brother/sister is resting after a day of evangelism, then have the courtesy to tone down any distractions that can upset your fellow man.
  10. Spending time alone with the opposite sex: Male and female coworkers have to be careful about spending time alone during ministry, eg. sharing a ride alone, staying in the same house alone.
  11. Ministering to prospects of the opposite sex: It is permissible to minister to someone of the opposite sex in a public place. But subsequent follow-up should be done by someone of the same sex. The same rules apply to online outreach as well.
  12. Report taxes where appropriate: With regards to tax-deductible donations, we need to report taxes.
  13. Feedback of mission trip to donors: If donation is for a mission trip, it is recommended that a report be provided to donors after the trip.
  14. Respect for others’ theological views: There is a time and place for theological discussions to happen. Having these discussions at an improper time can create a negative impact on the goal that we are trying to achieve, which is to preach Christ and seek for Him to save the lost (Ephesians 4:3-6). The goal is to not try to win an argument, or convert someone to your thinking, but to reach souls. If a particular conversation comes up and there are differences, make sure you are Spirit-led in your discussion.
  15. Avoid discussing contentious topics during CID meetings: During meetings, avoid discussion of politics or other “worldly” matters which may cause divisions. Respect one another's views; do not try to impose your views on others.
  16. Biblical conflict resolution: If you have a problem with a coworker, first go and talk to the person alone. If the conflict is not resolved, bring one or two others with you. If it is still not resolved, let the leader know about it (Matthew 18:15-17).