President of CID

Daniel D. Ted, President of Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID) ministries is fluent in Arabic, French and English and served as a Doctor of Pharmacy for many years in North Africa. With extensive Biblical training, he courageously witnessed the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims in North Africa. In addition, Daniel helped plant fifteen house churches in Islamic countries and disciples Muslim background believers in faith in Jesus Christ. 

He and his family were forced to leave their homeland in North Africa due to severe persecution for their Christian faith. Daniel has experienced much persecution for his faith and joyfully shares the victories God has given him.

Daniel has led outreach teams to England, Spain, France, Belgium, Egypt, Syria, and Libya.  Daniel’s call is to train Christians to reach out and engage Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID), a ministry he founded. The focus of Christian Islamic Dialogue is to develop CID outreach teams in cities around the world who lovingly reach out to Muslims each week at various local Mosques in their communities. For this purpose, the Christian witnesses engage in relational dialogues regarding saving faith through the sacrifice and resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Daniel's Call


Daniel is available to teach, encourage and preach the Word to your Church, small group and/or Christian organizations. For the equipping of Christians to reach out to Muslims, CID has designed a 14 hour weekend interactive workshop. During the workshop participants will engage in opportunities to witness to Muslims. 

Daniel is also available to preach for church services and conferences regarding the global work of Christian Islamic Dialogue and Muslim outreach. His passion is to embolden Christians in America for an active, equipped and courageous witness of Jesus Christ to Muslims.