Video Testimony

“More Than Dreams” tells the compelling, true stories of five Muslims from five countries who share one life-changing experience. Each of them saw Jesus Christ in a dream or a vision and their lives were forever transformed.

  • While in Mecca, Ali had a dream that changed his life forever.  In the dream, Jesus appeared to him and said, “You belong to me.”  Jesus also touched Ali’s forehead and said, “Depart from here. You belong to me now.”   When Ali woke up, he was filled with indescribable joy.

  • Fulani grew up in Nigeria where he had a dream of Jesus. In the dream, Mohammed found himself under a tree, reading many books.  The man in white appeared beside him and asked him what he was reading.  The book was the Bible. The man in white showed him numerous verses, including John 14:6, which says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  Jesus asked Mohammed if he wished to accept Him as his Savior.  Mohammed agreed.

  • Dini had a vision, a bright light appeared in front of Dini and she saw the figure of a man approaching her.  The man was wearing a white robe but she couldn’t see his face clearly.  Without being told who he was, she realized that he was Jesus. He held out his hand to Dini and said, “Follow me.”  How can I follow you?”  In her heart of hearts, however, she knew that following Him was the right choice to make.  She said, “God, if this is the way of truth, then I want to follow you.”

  • Khosrow proceeded to read the New Testament from cover to cover in hopes of experiencing a positive change in his life.  In despair, he cried out for God to reveal Himself to him, or leave him alone forever.  Just then, the form of a man appeared in front of him in a vision, extending his hands toward him and telling him, “Give me your hand, and your life will change.”

  • Khalil fell into a deep sleep.  In a dream, a man came to him and told him he was the one for whom Khalil had been searching.  He also told Khalil to read the Book (the Bible).  Khalil said he loved the Book, but had lost it, to which the man replied, “The Book cannot be lost.  Stand up and open your closet.  You will find it there.”

Debriefing and Testimonies

May 2023

“S” had only come to CA for a business conference on a one way ticket. She had no way home and had no friends here in California. My friend the business owner offered to book her a flight home. The Holy Spirit led me to give her a ride back to the airport.  During her conversation with the business owner she had stated she was a Muslim but had gone to church as a child. I had the opportunity to share with her the truth of the Word. I answered her questions about the Trinity and Yeshua. She just celebrated Ramadan and the Eid so it was easy to relate bridgeology with her. I drew the bridge on a napkin and explained the scriptures to her in the Bible and asked her to accept Saydna Issa Almasiah! She said she wanted to know the guarantee of salvation. She prayed to accept Christ. Hallelujah Saints!!!! 

Testimony from Daniel in a foreign country:
“Great things are happening here. The car wouldn’t run so I took it to an electrician; he said it needed a new battery.  5 people were sitting where I went to get a new battery.  We were talking about the warranty of the battery.  I asked them about what’s the guarantee of Janna [paradise].  It was a divine appointment; these 5 people were ready to hear the Gospel.  I went all the way until the end-- If we have Jesus in our lives, we will have a guarantee of Janna.  Afterwards two of them took me outside saying they wanted to talk more. They exchanged contact info and promised they will call.   Even the owner of the battery store thanked me so much for sharing.  He said, ‘I love this kind of dialogue’ ”. 

Men in ministry

Often we speak to other people who are walking by in-between time when prayer services let out. One of the team members talked to Lr who is from Jerusalem. He said that he tried everything- all religions. We know that only Jesus will save us from our sin problem. After he listened to the full gospel being presented, he expressed interest in receiving Jesus Christ as his savior. Mr questioning him about being sure that he believed in his heart, not just head knowledge, and understanding that commitment to Jesus is a change in direction of his life, this man prayed to accept Jesus as his Savior. This man came out of prison 2 weeks ago and agreed that this is his turning point in his life. Mr gave him a Bible and encouraged him to visit a church nearby and grow in his Christian walk with the Lord’s help. They exchanged contact information for further follow up.

Ds talked to Gr and has spoken to him many times before. He was drunk-he had a very bad life. After further conversation, Jr took Gr to a homeless shelter. When Dr had been witnessing to muslims at a mosque at another location, Gr defended the team from some muslim men who were harassing them. He told the muslim men to leave the Christians alone because they are good men. Strangely, there was also another drunken man outside the mosque this day. Jr asked him if he needed help and said that he looked like he was in distress. Ds discerned that there was a spiritual aspect to it and cast out demons. This man was very dehydrated and the Jr asked a muslim to go into the mosque to get water. Then Jr took the man to the place where he thought he had lost his back pack. It is important to show Jesus’ love with words, but also with actions.

Rr & Dr were in the shadow of the minaret and a muslim said they are wasting their time. Another comment made to them is that Christians and Jews are the offspring of swine. All the while the team members show the love of Jesus and will not allow these negative comments deter them, with the Lord’s help. While standing in that spot in the shade, Dr noticed that on the mosque, in Arabic, are the words “The God of the Resurrection”. Please pray that the muslims will listen to the truth of the resurrection and that the team will rely entirely on the Holy Spirit.